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Former Stereophile writer and all around great guy, Jonathan Scull now runs Scull Communications. The company does the PR for Australian company DEQX. Longtime readers will know of our affinity for all the things DEQX — two of our writers use its room calibration products in their reference systems. Scull passed on the news of the new DEQX HDP-4 processor, which will be in full demo mode at this week’s CES.

From the feedback, our readers very much enjoy the DEQX reviews and questions always follow regarding the unique topology and technology. As such, I thought our readers would like a heads up about the new kit, upcoming demos and rooms at CES.

Master the Art of Timing
DEQX is Taking It On The Road for CES 2012
Introducing the HDP-4 in Suite 30-218 at the Venetian

New South Wales, Australia  1/7/2011 DEQX™, a world leader in DSP, is an Australian company providing leading-edge digital loudspeaker correction, crossover and room compensation technology incorporated into state-of-the-art Preamp Processors.

At this year’s International CES DEQX is recreating the same gobsmacking demo we put together at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest… to wide acclaim as it happens. We’re going to run the same Gallo Acoustics Reference 3s, Parasound Halo amplifiers, a Sonata Music Server and… a special preview of the new HDP-4™, available late Q1 2012!

Introducing the HDP-4, the Next Generation in a Line of Revolutionary HDP Processor

The big news is that the HDP-4 is an HDP-3 gone ultra-rez with 24/192 digital inputs. Many of you asked us for this advanced technology and we deliver! Not only that, but the ‘4 arrives at your door with many options as standard like digital and active balanced analog outputs for all three channels. The HDP-4 gives you everything the ‘3 delivered plus valuable options, more digital inputs, a USB audio option, 32-bit/192kHz DACs, the new high-speed DEQX circuit board, audiophile-grade chassis with sturdy case-mounted connectors and a gorgeous 12mm brushed aluminum faceplate available in Silver or Black.

Each of the three digital output channels is equipped with SPDIF on true 75 ohm BNC connectors. The fourth digital output is a Digital DSP Input Pass-Through for slaving selected digital inputs for further processing. On the input side, the HDP-4 now supports TOSLINK as well as the optional USB digital audio input module.

Of course, there’s a Remote Control offering Standby, Profile Select, Volume, Mute and Input. The Volume control isn’t shy either sporting floating-point 32-bit resolution via DSP power. Did we mention the HDP-4 comes with DEQX Cal Software and Firmware? We know, it’s overwhelmingly awesome.

DEQX USA Agent Larry Owens Tel +1 303 519 9076

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