FitEar ToGo 334. The world’s most expensive in ear headphones.

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At $1400, the The FitEar ToGo 334 is the world’s most expensive in ear headphone. Even in these headphone crazy days of personal music, that’s a pretty big matzoh ball hanging out there. They are handmade by a small company in Japan — and you’d better like them as there is a no return policy.

The company describes them as ‘the new universal IEM from renowned custom IEM maker FitEar. Based in a small workshop in Tokyo Japan, Fit Ear crafts each IEM by hand to the very highest standards. The ToGo 334 is comprised of a 3 way system with 3 units and 4 total drivers. A driver for the low frequency, low and mid frequency and high frequency make for an unmatched sonic presentation. The ToGo 334 delivers a soundstage unlike any other IEM, both open and natural.’

Lots more at the importer’s website.

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