Inglorious Basterds: A Young Person’s Guide to a Career in Classical Music

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99.99% of Audiophilia is original content, but we thought this blog post by ex professional cellist, David Beem would be of interest to many of our readers, especially in light of our previous post, War on Orchestras.

The blog post is focused primarily on young people and orchestral playing, almost the ‘entry ‘level’ for quality professional performing if you add string quartet, instrumental soloist, Met Auditions, and the Holy Grail, Concert Pianist to the mix! But, it is filled with the ugly truth about today’s ‘market’.

Flutists, for some reason, seem to have their pulse on this continuing tide of competition with fewer and fewer jobs. Maybe it’s because of our diva nature and the fact that there’s a trillion of us, all Jimmy Galway standard, of course. The great Julius Baker said ‘there’s always room for a great player’, and the equally wonderful Paula Robison (both ex New York Phil) insists that ‘you don’t choose music, it chooses you’.

So, if you are ‘chosen’, you’ll ignore Mr. Beem and plunge in with confidence. And, if not?

David Beem’s blog post continues here.

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