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With over 200 emails a day pumped into the Audiophilia inbox, sifting through takes up about an hour a day! Many of the emails are after a little free advertising or promotion. Nothing wrong with that. So, if something captures my eye, and if they are polite about it (as this German company’s rep certainly was), and I think our readers may like (or purchase), I’ll post up a quickie!

This concrete, modular hifi rack captured my Bauhuas-biased eye. I love how concrete is being used in post modern design. And this thorax kit is no exception. Now, how much is shipping to Canada?

Designer, Rafael Cichy tells me that: ‘…there are three base elements to build an individual rack for everyone:
O: for example, space for vinyl
E: with three parking levels for hifi equipment. by turning it upside down your can change height of the middle level.
C: with two parking levels, for example bigger equipment like power amplifier or something else.

The measurements are: 52 cm x 52 cm x 8 cm with a thickness of 4 cm. The connectors are available in three wides: 5 cm ; 4 cm ; 3 cm and are made of stainless steel or aluminium (brushed/anodized). On the backside its possible to hide the cables in pipeline to clean up the look of the hifi furniture. And of course it is possible to use thorax as speaker stands.’


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