Audiophilia Star Recordings of the Year 2012

by Audiophilia on December 28, 2012 · 9 comments

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When our writer Andy Fawcett suggested a Recommended New Releases (RNR) post nearly three years ago, little did I know it would morph into one of our most popular recurring features. As such, we felt the natural progression was to institute the recording equivalent of our very popular Star Component moniker. Thus, the Audiophilia Star Recordings of the Year is born. We have Star Components, now Star Recordings.

The staff of Audiophilia listened to hundreds of new recordings this year and published reviews of almost 60 of them for inclusion into RNR. The staff whittled the 60 down to twelve we thought worthy of our Star moniker. There were so many incredible recordings this year. If you hunt through RNR 2011 and RNR 2012, you’ll find a treasure trove of recordings from which to build or add to your collection.

The images (in no particular order) link to our affiliate, Amazon.

Congratulations to all the nominees and a special congratulations to the twelve winners. The nominating staff member’s name and recording company appears under the image.

Anthony Kershaw. CD on Sony Classical.

Anthony Kershaw. CD on LSO Live.

Henry Wilkenson. LP on Impex Records (reissue).

Henry Wilkenson. LP on Impex Records (reissue).

Andy Fawcett. CD on Naïve.

Andy Fawcett. CD on Tafelmusik.

Martin Appel. LP on Impex Records (reissue).

Martin Appel. LP on Impex Records (45 rpm 2 LP reissue).

Harry Currie. BGO Records (reissue).

Harry Currie. 2 CDs BGO Records (reissue).

James Norris. EMI.

James Norris. CD EMI.

James Norris. Decca.

James Norris. CD Decca.

Matt Kershaw. Dangerbird.

Matt Kershaw. CD Dangerbird.

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Michael 12.28.12 at 11:16 pm

No wonder why young folks are shunning high end audio products. This list reads like a collection of cut outs. Great music perhaps, but not anything 99% of buyers under 60 would ever buy.

admin 12.28.12 at 11:23 pm


The list is catholic and brilliant.

Cheers, a

Ron Harper 12.30.12 at 9:27 am

If you take well written music, Great musicians, Excellent recording, and High quality playback and put them all together, most people are amazed by the end result no matter what their favourite music is.

There is a lot of music in my library that would not of made it there if it was not so well recorded.

Thanks for the list guys. I am taking it to the record store.

admin 12.31.12 at 10:39 am

You are most welcome, Ron.

Cheers, a

Brendan 01.01.13 at 12:36 pm

Anthony, thanks for the recommendations. As someone who doesn’t currently listen to classical this will be a great list for me to explore that world of music.

Michael, a person/writer has to play to their strengths and their passions. Perhaps you would enjoy my top albums as in the audio world I probably fit into the category of ‘young folk’.

admin 01.02.13 at 10:12 am

Thanks, Brendan. And, thanks for your youthful, Antipodean list :)

Cheers, a

silver disc 01.02.13 at 12:58 pm

That’s a wonderful list but if you want a list of swill head over to Tone Audio. They dig pop schlock.

admin 01.02.13 at 1:06 pm

Thank you.

But, to be fair, Tone calls it a Top Rock and Pop Albums. At least with iTunes, you can test the waters.

Angie 11.11.13 at 10:06 pm

Hi All, just wanted to comment on Michael’s comment. Perhaps he has a valid point, but as a retailer we often have customers ask for new music that they do not already have in their library and classical and jazz are the most requested. However, I do find my self listening to Super Tramp and Steely Dan, something that makes me happy. Michael perhaps may make some recommendations of what he would like to see you review. Perhaps open up a new section of music reviews. Comments of any kind should be attached with suggestions. Just my thoughts. Angie

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