Wax Rax RC-2 Vinyl Record Cart


My building has every convenience It’s gonna make life easy for me
It’s gonna be easy to get things done I will relax alone with my loved ones

–Talking Heads, Don’t Worry About The Government, from the 1977 album Talking Heads: 77.

The above lyrics neatly summarize my feelings about my Wax Rax RC-2 Vinyl Record Cart, currently at home right next to my audio system–with my family by my side. So convenient because it has wheels to easily move it, the RC-2 has a fully welded 11 gage black powder coated steel frame with anodized aluminum bottom panels and dividers—and can hold 400 LPs. And its dimensions and weight are right on: 20.5” W x 31.0” H x 33.5” L
Weight 47 lbs. MSRP: USD$1545.00.

The unit is divided into 5 subsections, 2 on the top and 3 on the bottom. Top and bottom  each can hold  200 LPs. The 2 on the top (holding 100 each) have the LPs forward facing you so you can see the cover art as you flip through them, while the ones on the bottom hold the LPs on their sides (about 67 in each of the 3 subsections). If you have more than 400 LPs, and want to put some in, then wheel the cart over to where they are and swap in and out some new ones. Brilliant.

My rack, fully loaded! 

My rack, fully loaded! 

I had met David Stanavich, Owner/Designer of Wax Rax, several years ago at a New York Audio Show, and was very impressed with his carts (and his passion) for holding LPs and thus included his room in my coverage of the show for Audiophilia. I was particularly impressed by the fact that they were (and still are) made right in Brooklyn NY. At that time I had no turntable, but I kept his carts in mind for the time I would have a turntable and sufficient numbers of LPs. Well, that time came this summer and I reached out to Stanavich, an artist, designer, craftsman–and perfectionist. I had decided to buy one of his carts. I truly needed something to hold my LPs, and did not want a stationary bookcase style unit in my apartment. I wanted to be able to move the LPs into another room, for example, to get them out of the way and make for more space for other purposes, and easily move them back. I also wanted a very solidly made unit that would last, nothing that would fall apart (as like my closet shelves....). Bingo.

Stanavich personally (by himself) came to to deliver the RC-2 unit up to my apartment and help with any final adjustments. As I said; a perfectionist. Highly recommended.

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